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Fixed the Layout

I got a chance to fix the layout I wasn't happy with...here it is...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Layout I did from this weekend

Here are some layouts from the crop this weekend. The first one is a work in progress...still needs some tweaking, but you get the jist..

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Family Photo's and Gracie Mae's Photos

Ok, first of all I want to introduce you to Melissa Fleming owner of Houston Paparazzi's and photographer (I'd call her a photo-artist!). She did our wedding photos and most recently (Last Thursday) did a family photo-shoot at her new studio.

Ok, can I just tell you how much I love her work? She is great, she doesn't get offended by me showing her samples of what I am looking for, she is amazingly patient (Gracie tested that on Thursday), she is extremely sweet and of course, talented....and on top of all of that she is the most reasonably priced photographer out there.

Her studio was jacked up during Hurricane Ike...so that put her into fast forward mode on to opening her new studio out in Rosharon (not really that far...just off of 288 passed the Pearland area). At first I thought what an odd area to have a studio in, but when she told us her plans...it made perfect sense...She put a really nice building on a piece of land she got...the in-door studio is huge! Her plans are to landscape the land to have different photo opp. areas...like a wooden bridge, an area of bluebonnets, etc. What a great idea that is to have it all in one place...kinda like one stop shopping.

Anyway, she posted our pictures last night....and OMG, I absolutely LOVE them!!! They are EXACTLY what I was looking for. Some of the pictures of Gracie brought me to tears...damn I love that kid to the moon and back over and over again.

Melissa is sending us a disk of all the pictures, and of course I will be showing them off as soon as I get them....but if you are looking for a VERYVERY reasonable photographer...you need to give her a call (832-274-0280). You only have to pay a sitting fee, and then you get the disk and can print whatever you want to, at Walgreens or whatever! How great is that?

We are already planning another shoot with her to get our whole family done together...all the grandparents, great grandparents and kiddos...Can't wait to do that!

Anyway, check her out if you are looking for a photographer. Her specialty is weddings, engagement pix, and I think she did an amazing job on our wedding pictures (posted at the bottom of this page)...but she also does Graduation portraits and all that jazz.

Did I mention how much I love her work? :)

I cannot wait to scrapbook these pictures!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ebay Blessings

so, some of the auctions have been on ebay for the last couple of weeks in honor of Anita....and Corinna received this email today...

"My name is M****** and I found these punches recently and stumbled upon your auction today, some would use the word accident, but that is not a word I use anymore. I would first like to tell you what a blessing your story has been to me this morning. I have been battling cancer for the past four years. I am currently going through Chemo, my fourth round, and I can speak first hand about how special you are. I can tell you that this would mean the world to me as I know it does for Anita. The Lord has blessed you with a loving and giving spirit. I too have been too ill to do my scrapbooking justice, and would love to donate to your cause... please, let me know what I can do to help. I don't have much but what I do have I would love to share. I look forward to following the story to the end! THANK you for giving others joy and most of all...something other than our illness to focus on,because we are not cancer. Thanks for allowing me to take your time. I look forward to helping"

You just never really know how these things will touch people...but every since we started this project...I am amazed and how generous people really are....and a little bit of faith in people has been restored. Thanks Corinna for making me a part of this...love you.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our photo shoot with Melissa (houstonpaparazzi.com)

Pictures of Gracelynn...this has only just begun...

A few (from the 2000 pictures) of my Favs....